Photo walk-behind tractor Темп БМК-1050

walk-behind tractor Темп БМК-1050

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Photo Темп БМК-1050 walk-behind tractor

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walk-behind tractor Темп БМК-1050 Characteristics.

typewalk-behind tractor
width tillage, min (cm)75.00
width tillage, max (cm)105.00
depth of cultivation (cm)30.00
cutter diameter (cm)360.00
engine typepetrol
number of cyclesfour-cycle
number of gears (forward)1.00
number of gears (back)0.00
type of gearworm
presence of reverseno
the number of cylinders of the engine1.00
engine power (kW)4.80
motor power (hp)6.53
weight (kg)85.00
type wheelspneumatic
supported attachmentsyes
type compound PTOshaft

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catalog: cultivator

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