Bean, Pole, Tricolor, best price $2.99, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Bean, Pole, Tricolor, best price $2.99 new 2018

Bean, Pole, Tricolor Photo, best price $2.99 new 2018

Bean, Pole, Tricolor Photo

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Bean, Pole, Tricolor :

Cascading from their tall supports, our tricolor pole beans are sentinels of the abundant summer garden. Vigorous pole beans twine up effortlessly and their vertical habit makes good use of limited garden space. These heavy bearing climbers reliably produce extended heavy harvests of delicious long gold, green and burgundy pods. The generous bounty of juicy tender pods has that sweet and meaty bean flavor every cook loves in the summer kitchen.
  • Cascading Pole Beans Are Sentinels of the Summer Garden
  • Vigorous Vines Twine Effortlessly Up Supports
  • Heavy Bearing Climbers Reliably Produce Extended Heavy Harvests
  • Delicous Long Gold, Green and Burgundy Pods
  • Generous Bounty of Juicy Tender Pods with Sweet and Meaty Bean Flavor

Bean, Pole, Tricolor best price $2.99 new 2018

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