Seeds Of Change 08113 Northern Bean, best price $6.37 new 2019

Seeds Of Change 08113 Northern Bean Photo, best price $6.37 new 2019

Seeds Of Change 08113 Northern Bean Photo

$6.37 buy now!

Seeds Of Change 08113 Northern Bean :

This pure white, kidney-shaped bean is widely used for making flavorful baked beans & delicious soups. The great northern bean is a productive, early maturing bush bean that cooks quick & easy. This variety is well adapted to short season climates or early plantings in the South.
  • The great northern Bean is a productive, early maturing bush Bean that cooks quick and easy.
  • 100 percent certified organic
  • Healthy, nutritious, all natural vegetables and herbs
  • Seeds Of Change has been a trusted Brand for over 25 years
  • The OLDEST pure organic seed company in the U.S.

Seeds Of Change 08113 Northern Bean best price $6.37 new 2019

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