Burpee Golden Beet Seeds, best price $13.97, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Burpee Golden Beet Seeds, best price $13.97 new 2018

Burpee Golden Beet Seeds Photo, best price $13.97 new 2018

Burpee Golden Beet Seeds Photo

$13.97 buy now!

Burpee Golden Beet Seeds :

Heirloom. A color breakthrough! when we introduced this savory golden beet in the 1940's, it won over gardeners who wanted a beet with a sweeter, milder flavor. Others just loved the inviting gold color. Globes reach 2" across.
  • Sweeter and milder flavor than other beets with a warm and inviting gold color
  • Each packet contains 200 Heirloom beet seeds
  • Harvest in about 55 days
  • Beets grow to 2" across
  • Sow outdoors in spring

Burpee Golden Beet Seeds best price $13.97 new 2018

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