Baby Napa Cabbage Little Jade Seeds, best price $2.99 new 2019

Baby Napa Cabbage Little Jade Seeds Photo, best price $2.99 new 2019

Baby Napa Cabbage Little Jade Seeds Photo

$2.99 buy now!

Baby Napa Cabbage Little Jade Seeds :

Our top-quality mini Napa or "Chinese" cabbage has juicy, tangy-sweet flesh and a delicious cool and crispy texture. Extremely vigorous, with excellent disease resistance, Little Jade plants form dense, vase-shaped 8 to 10 inch heads. Enjoy the versatile and nutritious crunchy stalks as a snack, with dips or in coleslaw. Stirfry for everyday meals; sauté quickly with garlic and ginger and add a handful of toasted peanuts or cashews and a splash of hot sauce. Or consider making your own kimchi!
  • Mini Napa or "Chinese" Cabbage
  • Juicy, Tangy-Sweet Flesh
  • Cool, Crispy Texture
  • Extremely Vigorous with Excellent Disease Resistance
  • Exclusive to Renee's Garden

Baby Napa Cabbage Little Jade Seeds best price $2.99 new 2019

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