Cabbage Seeds - Savoy Perfection - Heirloom - Liliana's Garden, best price $5.99, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Cabbage Seeds - Savoy Perfection - Heirloom - Liliana's Garden, best price $5.99 new 2018

Cabbage Seeds - Savoy Perfection - Heirloom - Liliana's Garden Photo, best price $5.99 new 2018

Cabbage Seeds - Savoy Perfection - Heirloom - Liliana's Garden Photo

$5.99 buy now!

Cabbage Seeds - Savoy Perfection - Heirloom - Liliana's Garden :

Cabbage - Savoy Perfection Variety: Savoy Perfection - Brassica oleracea capitata Color: Green Easy to Grow? Yes. Seeds Per Packet: Approx. 100+ Germination Rate: 85% Country of Origin: United States of America Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Open Pollinated. Seeds can be saved and replanted. Time Until Harvest: N/A Notes: Don't pull up the plant during harvest: Once the main head has been harvested, the plant with continue to grow smaller heads. Plant 18 inches apart. Start Indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost or sow in early fall. A cool season crop preferring weather in the 50- 60 degree (F) range. Has a synergistic relationship to corn, beets, beans, leaf lettuce, peas and carrots. If the plant is allowed to dry out it may crack- to prevent this take a trowel or small spade and crack a few feeder roots ( but don't uproot the plant.)
  • 100+ Seeds
  • Rarely Cracks, High Tolerance to Most Ailments
  • Prefered by Chefs for It's Flavor
  • Elegant Appearance in the Garden Compared to Standard Cabbages

Cabbage Seeds - Savoy Perfection - Heirloom - Liliana's Garden best price $5.99 new 2018

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