Burpee Brunswick Cabbage Seeds 260 seeds, best price $7.69, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Burpee Brunswick Cabbage Seeds 260 seeds, best price $7.69 new 2018

Burpee Brunswick Cabbage Seeds 260 seeds Photo, best price $7.69 new 2018

Burpee Brunswick Cabbage Seeds 260 seeds Photo

$7.69 buy now!

Burpee Brunswick Cabbage Seeds 260 seeds :

'Brunswick' is a seldom-encountered German heirloom that dates back to the 18th century. An excellent late-season variety, the large, 6-9 lb. Drum-shaped heads are dense & firm. A favorite choice for homemade sauerkraut. Stores well for long periods.
  • German Heirloom with dense, firm, drum-shaped heads packed with flavor
  • Each packet contains 260 seeds
  • Sow indoors 8 weeks before average last frost date using a Burpee seed starting kit. Transplant to the garden 4 weeks after the average last frost date. Harvest in 95 days
  • Plant Height is 9". plant spread is 12". yields 6-9 lb. Heads
  • Annual for all growing zones from 1-11. Sunlight exposure = full-sun
  • Find over 1000 Burpee vegetable, herb, and flower seeds on Amazon
  • Get your seeds off to a great start with a Burpee Seed Starting Kit
  • Burpee, the gardener's best friend since 1876. Beautiful plants and everything else you need to grow the garden of your dreams from America's most trusted seed company. No GMOs, ever.

Burpee Brunswick Cabbage Seeds 260 seeds best price $7.69 new 2018

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