Carrots - Tricolor - Circus Circus Seeds, best price $2.99, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Carrots - Tricolor - Circus Circus Seeds, best price $2.99 new 2018

Carrots - Tricolor - Circus Circus Seeds Photo, best price $2.99 new 2018

Carrots - Tricolor - Circus Circus Seeds Photo

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Carrots - Tricolor - Circus Circus Seeds :

Our trio of colored carrots are creamy white, bright orange and a deep, dark purple with orange centers. All three are crisp, smooth and evenly cylindrical, growing to 8 inches long for a colorful harvest of festive roots. Their flavor is reliably sweet with a nice crunchy texture and you'll enjoy this mix over a long season. Cut all three into carrot sticks or slice/shred into salads for a good tasting party of colors.
  • Trio of Cool Carrot Colors
  • Creamy White, Bright Orange and Deep Purple
  • Well Bred Dutch Varieties
  • Sweet Tasting, Crisp and Smooth
  • Enjoy 8 inch Roots Over a Long Season

Carrots - Tricolor - Circus Circus Seeds best price $2.99 new 2018

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$2.99 Carrots - Tricolor - Circus Circus Seeds
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