100 Purple Carrot Seeds by RDR Seeds, best price $4.99, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

100 Purple Carrot Seeds by RDR Seeds, best price $4.99 new 2018

100 Purple Carrot Seeds by RDR Seeds Photo, best price $4.99 new 2018

100 Purple Carrot Seeds by RDR Seeds Photo

$4.99 buy now!

100 Purple Carrot Seeds by RDR Seeds :

  • Add some color to your plate with these delicious purple carrots!
  • Produces carrots with purple skin and orange flesh.
  • Carrots lose some color when cooked, but make an excellent raw addition to dinner.
  • Work soil deeply, removing rocks and other obstructions. Create 8" mounds and plant seeds just beneath soil surface in full sun when temperature reaches 45 degrees. Maintain moist soil until germination, as hardened soil can prevent your seeds from germinating. Excess heat can also prevent germination, so try to plant in spring/fall.

100 Purple Carrot Seeds by RDR Seeds best price $4.99 new 2018

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$4.99 100 Purple Carrot Seeds by RDR Seeds
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