Park Seed Root Vegetables Seed Tape Collection, best price $9.95, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Park Seed Root Vegetables Seed Tape Collection, best price $9.95 new 2018

Park Seed Root Vegetables Seed Tape Collection Photo, best price $9.95 new 2018

Park Seed Root Vegetables Seed Tape Collection Photo

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Park Seed Root Vegetables Seed Tape Collection :

Root vegetables are just made for designing elegant parterres or nice straight rows, and with this seed tape collection, you can grow carrots, beets, and radishes in fancy designs -- that you create in seconds! To use this seed tape, simply lay the tape down on top of the soil where you want the plants to grow, cutting it to fit the space and arranging it in any pattern you like. Then rake or sprinkle about a half inch of soil on top of the tapes and water them in well. That's it -- in a few weeks you'll see evenly-spaced, healthy green shoots! In this set of three 5-foot-long tapes, you will find the seeds of 3 fine root vegetable varieties: Beet Detroit Dark Red - 60 days. The classic name in beets since 1892! Whether you like baby beets harvested at their most succulent or full-bodied mature globes, Detroit Dark Red satisfies. It sprouts reliably even in cold spring weather, yet also holds beautifully in the heat. Mid-size oxblood-red roots are tender and sweet, fine-grained and smooth. The tops reach about a foot high, and make excellent greens> Carrot Little Finger - 60 days. A real baby carrot, blunt-tipped and packed with flavor. These 4-inch roots offer a gourmet bite every time! Radish Park's Beauty Blend - 22-32 days. A randomly-spaced mix of 5 terrific varieties: a round, -inch scarlet beauty with a crisp, spicy bite; a rich 1-inch purple with mellow flavor; a 1-inch pink with strong green tops; a 1-inch round, pure white radish with very vigorous growth and production; and a bright yellow heirloom, oblong and very strongly flavored. This exciting mix of root vegetables is both economical and easy, bringing you a cornucopia of good flavors and even better nutrition. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro with seed tapes, once you try these super-easy biodegradable strips, you'll want to use them all over hte garden! Have fun getting creative with the veggie patch! Three 5-foot tapes, for a total of 15 feet.

Park Seed Root Vegetables Seed Tape Collection best price $9.95 new 2018

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