Cucumber Seeds - Muncher - Heirloom - Burpless - Liliana's Garden, best price $4.99, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Cucumber Seeds - Muncher - Heirloom - Burpless - Liliana's Garden, best price $4.99 new 2018

Cucumber Seeds - Muncher - Heirloom - Burpless - Liliana's Garden Photo, best price $4.99 new 2018

Cucumber Seeds - Muncher - Heirloom - Burpless - Liliana's Garden Photo

$4.99 buy now!

Cucumber Seeds - Muncher - Heirloom - Burpless - Liliana's Garden :

Cucumber, Muncher Variety: Muncher, Cucumis sativus Color: Green Outside, white inside. Easy to Grow? Easy and prolific. Seeds Per Packet: Approx. 35 Seeds Germination Rate: 85% Country of Origin: United States of America Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Open Pollinated. Seeds can be saved and replanted. Time Until Harvest: 60 days. Germination Time: 8 days. Notes: A favorite, hearty variety. Produces cucumbers about 6-8 inches long. May also be picked early for pickling. Not tough, bitter, or pithy unless severely under-watered. Burpless variety. May be trellised easily but make sure it's a sturdy trellis. These vines are incredibly prolific and can get very heavy with fruit. Best when direct sown. Plant in hills (6-8 seeds thinned to the 3 hearties plants after 2 weeks.) Plant hills 4 - 6 ft. apart. Marigolds planted nearby are said to repel beetles and other insects away from your plants.
  • 35+ Seeds
  • Burpless
  • Never tough. Never bitter.

Cucumber Seeds - Muncher - Heirloom - Burpless - Liliana's Garden best price $4.99 new 2018

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