Seeds Of Change 07476 Little Fingers Eggplant, best price $7.14 new 2019

Seeds Of Change 07476 Little Fingers Eggplant Photo, best price $7.14 new 2019

Seeds Of Change 07476 Little Fingers Eggplant Photo

$7.14 buy now!

Seeds Of Change 07476 Little Fingers Eggplant :

These small, slender eggplants have glossy black skin & mild, delicate flavor. They are ideal for cooking quickly in a stir fry, & produce an early, prolific crop.
  • Early prolific crop that's perfect for stir frys
  • 100 percent certified organic
  • Seeds Of Change has been a trusted Brand for over 25 years
  • Healthy, nutritious, all natural vegetables and herbs
  • The OLDEST pure organic seed company in the U.S.

Seeds Of Change 07476 Little Fingers Eggplant best price $7.14 new 2019

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