9GreenBox - Carolina Jasmine - 4" Pot, best price $6.99, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

9GreenBox - Carolina Jasmine - 4" Pot, best price $6.99 new 2018

9GreenBox - Carolina Jasmine - 4

9GreenBox - Carolina Jasmine - 4" Pot Photo

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9GreenBox - Carolina Jasmine - 4" Pot :

As the state flower of Carolina, the Carolina Jasmine is a low maintenance plant that grows in a vine habit, spreading up to twenty feet. They prefer moist soil with plenty of warmth and humidity. Do not let the soil dry out between watering. Carolina jessamine needs a soil ph of 8.6 to 8.5 (weakly alkaline soil). Carolina jessamine is generally regarded as a tender plant, so remember to ensure that temperatures are mild before moving outdoors.
  • JASMINE PLANT - a small shrub or vine that is widely cultivated for its stunning and sweet-scented flowers. Can also be used as a fragrant ingredient in perfumes and as a jasmine tea. Approximately grows up to 1.6 to 9.8 ft in height. Can be grown indoor or outdoor.
  • GROWING A JASMINE PLANT - Jasmine's are easy growing plant that prefers to be in well-drained soil. Regular watering and fertilizing should take place. A full to light shade of sun light is best for Jasmine Plant. If you want to encourage growing abundant Jasmine Flowers, phosphorous will do the blossom development.
  • TAKING CARE OF JASMINE PLANT - the most common pests for Jasmine species are whiteflies, nematodes and mealybugs. In order to prevent your plant from these destroying insects, you can apply a neem oil to your plants soil and that should aid the insect's issues.
  • PRUNING - Depending on your Jasmine Plant variety, if it is a shrub your main goal is to maintain the size or the shape as what you wish it to be. Some are slowly and others are aggressively growing that requires regular trimming. If your Jasmine Plant belongs to vining variety you also need to regularly practice trellis and make sure to secure the weaker vines to assist it in holding on. The excess vines of your Jasmine Plant should be cut off regularly.
  • 9GreenBox Carolina Jasmine that you will be receiving in your purchase is potted in a 4'' inch pot. Proudly Homegrown by 9GreenBox

9GreenBox - Carolina Jasmine - 4" Pot best price $6.99 new 2018

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