9GreenBox - Maypop Purple Passion Flower - 4'' Pot, best price $7.99, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

9GreenBox - Maypop Purple Passion Flower - 4'' Pot, best price $7.99 new 2018

9GreenBox - Maypop Purple Passion Flower - 4'' Pot Photo, best price $7.99 new 2018

9GreenBox - Maypop Purple Passion Flower - 4'' Pot Photo

$7.99 buy now!

9GreenBox - Maypop Purple Passion Flower - 4'' Pot :

Passion Flower actually originated from South America, East, and Southern Asia and in New Guinea. They are known for their elegant and beautiful bluish to purple color flowers. They are a vining type with small shrubs that are developing sweet fruits. Passion fruits are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, Vitamin A and C and other health beneficial minerals. Growing Passionflower in your patio will add a tropical look to your garden while waiting for its fruit to ripens.
  • Climbing vine.
  • Tolerates drought.
  • Blooms late April to September.
  • Hardy zones 5-9.
  • Ships in a 4'' inch pot.

9GreenBox - Maypop Purple Passion Flower - 4'' Pot best price $7.99 new 2018

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