Vegetables Alive! All-Natural Vegetable Fertilizer (3 lbs), best price $14.99, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Vegetables Alive! All-Natural Vegetable Fertilizer (3 lbs), best price $14.99 new 2018

Vegetables Alive! All-Natural Vegetable Fertilizer (3 lbs) Photo, best price $14.99 new 2018

Vegetables Alive! All-Natural Vegetable Fertilizer (3 lbs) Photo

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Vegetables Alive! All-Natural Vegetable Fertilizer (3 lbs) :

It may not seem like it, but veggies can be under a lot of stress! Poor soil, heatwaves, weeks of shady weather--all of it can contribute to less vigorous plants with lower yields and small, unappetizing crops. Fortunately, we created Vegetables Alive!® to combat those issues! With an all-natural fertilizer formula that includes essential nitrogen and phosphate, Vegetables Alive! will reduce the stress on your veggies, making them grow with vigor and more flavor than ever before. It has proven itself over and over again in our research garden, dramatically increasing yields of lettuce, peas, broccoli, cabbage, beans, cucumbers, and more. Be sure to apply it to the soil three weeks before you intend on planting, since application at the time of germination can decrease yields.
  • Promotes vigor and reduced stress for healthier plants.
  • Use on salad greens, beans, peas, cucumbers and more.
  • Apply 3 pounds per 100 sq. ft. before planting, or side-dress when plants start active growth.
  • Water well after fertilizing to help work the fertilizer into the soil.
  • For optimal results, apply again midseason for healthy, high-yielding plants.

Vegetables Alive! All-Natural Vegetable Fertilizer (3 lbs) best price $14.99 new 2018

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