Juliet Grape Tomato 15 Seeds - High yields!, best price $1.80, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Juliet Grape Tomato 15 Seeds - High yields!, best price $1.80 new 2018

Juliet Grape Tomato 15 Seeds - High yields! Photo, best price $1.80 new 2018

Juliet Grape Tomato 15 Seeds - High yields! Photo

$1.80 buy now!

Juliet Grape Tomato 15 Seeds - High yields! :

TOMATO: Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and the seeds are high in fiber. The green parts are mildly poisonous, which is not surprising, as tomatoes are closely related to both nightshade and tobacco. The tomato was originally believed to be poisonous when introduced into Europe, and was used solely as an ornamental plant during the 16th and 17th centuries. The first traces of its use as a food date back to the first half of the 18th century. Tomatoes are now a tasty ingredient in many dishes, and are used fresh, canned, stewed or even sun-dried.

Grape-like tomatoes grow in long clusters and really load up on vigorous vines. The 1 ounce fruit has red, glossy skin and wonderful sweet flavor. As a bonus, the fruit is crack-resistant and hold on the vine better than most cherries. Expect high yields from plants that are tolerant to late blight and leaf spot.
Indeterminate. 60 days.

Juliet Grape Tomato 15 Seeds - High yields! best price $1.80 new 2018

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