50 Honey Rock Cantaloupe Seeds, best price $2.00, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

50 Honey Rock Cantaloupe Seeds, best price $2.00 new 2018

50 Honey Rock Cantaloupe Seeds Photo, best price $2.00 new 2018

50 Honey Rock Cantaloupe Seeds Photo

$2.00 buy now!

50 Honey Rock Cantaloupe Seeds :

Please check out the pillows I have listed on Amazon as well!!!! Honey Rock Melon - or Honey Rock Cantaloupe - is an heirloom variety and former All-America winner. This melon produces unusually large melons that typically weigh as many as 7 pounds each. Very sweet taste.
  • Large melons
  • Very sweet fruit
  • Sweet aroma

50 Honey Rock Cantaloupe Seeds best price $2.00 new 2018

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