Honeydew Seeds - Green Flesh - Heirloom - Liliana's Garden, best price $5.99 new 2019

Honeydew Seeds - Green Flesh - Heirloom - Liliana's Garden Photo, best price $5.99 new 2019

Honeydew Seeds - Green Flesh - Heirloom - Liliana's Garden Photo

$5.99 buy now!

Honeydew Seeds - Green Flesh - Heirloom - Liliana's Garden :

Honeydew - Green Flesh Variety: Green Flesh - Cucumis melo Color: Green Easy to Grow? Yes. Seeds Per Packet: Approx. 25+ Germination Rate: 85% Country of Origin: United States of America Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Open Pollinated. Seeds can be saved and replanted. Time Until Harvest: 110 Days Notes: Germ time: 5 - 10 days. Bears 5 lb. fruit with small seed cavities and sweet green flesh. In zones 1-5 start indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost. Use peat pots, melons are prone to transplant shock. In Zone 6+ direct sow after danger of frost has passed. Plant 4 feet apart or in hills (3 each) 5-6 feet apart.
  • 25+ Seeds
  • 5 lb. Fruit
  • Small Seed Cavities
  • The Classic Honeydew

Honeydew Seeds - Green Flesh - Heirloom - Liliana's Garden best price $5.99 new 2019

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