Honeydew Melon Seeds - 50 Seeds NON-GMO, best price $1.65, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Honeydew Melon Seeds - 50 Seeds NON-GMO, best price $1.65 new 2018

Honeydew Melon Seeds - 50 Seeds NON-GMO Photo, best price $1.65 new 2018

Honeydew Melon Seeds - 50 Seeds NON-GMO Photo

$1.65 buy now!

Honeydew Melon Seeds - 50 Seeds NON-GMO :

High yields of attractive golden rind, green flesh melons. Pick when melons separate easily from the vine. Excellent for market growers or home gardens.
  • 50 Seeds
  • 112 Days to Maturity
  • 85% Germination Rate

Honeydew Melon Seeds - 50 Seeds NON-GMO best price $1.65 new 2018

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