20 Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Seeds, best price $2.99, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

20 Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Seeds, best price $2.99 new 2018

20 Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Seeds Photo, best price $2.99 new 2018

20 Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Seeds Photo

$2.99 buy now!

20 Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Seeds :

20 Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Seeds: Life Cycle: Perennial - Annual Height: Up to 15' Light: Bright/Partial Shade Zone: 9 - 11 The deep, royal blue flowers on this vine always draw attention in my garden - simply breathtaking! This vine grows to about 15'' and will be covered with blooms from mid-summer into fall. Tender tropical, grow as an annual or even house plants in most zones - works well in a hanging basket.
  • Tender tropical plants
  • Breathtaking flowers
  • Attract butterflies
  • Reseeds itself

20 Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Seeds best price $2.99 new 2018

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