Sugar Snap Pea- 50 Seeds Non GMO, best price $6.29, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Sugar Snap Pea- 50 Seeds Non GMO, best price $6.29 new 2018

Sugar Snap Pea- 50 Seeds Non GMO Photo, best price $6.29 new 2018

Sugar Snap Pea- 50 Seeds Non GMO Photo

$6.29 buy now!

Sugar Snap Pea- 50 Seeds Non GMO :

Sugar snap peas are tasty and can be eaten early on instead of waiting on harvest completion. They do tend to like cooler weather so extra care and shaded area if the region has extremely hot summers. They are great in salads, asian dishes and great for snacking just by themselves. They are refreshing and healthy! A great addition to vegetable garden and great with other vegetables except onion and garlic.
  • Cooler Weather Growing (Early Spring or Late Summer Planting Depending On Region)
  • Excellent For Salads Or Snacking
  • Great For Freezing

Sugar Snap Pea- 50 Seeds Non GMO best price $6.29 new 2018

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