Homegrown Pea Seeds, 130 Seeds, Easy Peasy Pea, best price $5.07 new 2020

Homegrown Pea Seeds, 130 Seeds, Easy Peasy Pea Photo, best price $5.07 new 2020

Homegrown Pea Seeds, 130 Seeds, Easy Peasy Pea Photo

$5.07 buy now!

Homegrown Pea Seeds, 130 Seeds, Easy Peasy Pea :

Comes in Homegrown Seed Company Seed packs. Packet will contain 130 seeds or more. Sow in average soil in full sun in early spring for first crop, in late summer for fall crop.
  • Plants produce 10-11 peas per pod and two pods per node.
  • Homegrown Seeds Packet contains 130 seeds
  • Self-supporting plants. 60 days.
  • Likely the top yielder in your spring garden.
  • Easy Peasy is soon loaded with delicious, attractive and altogether pleasing peas.

Homegrown Pea Seeds, 130 Seeds, Easy Peasy Pea best price $5.07 new 2020

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