Burpee Sugar Snap Pea Seeds 300 seeds, best price $8.49 new 2019

Burpee Sugar Snap Pea Seeds  300 seeds Photo, best price $8.49 new 2019

Burpee Sugar Snap Pea Seeds 300 seeds Photo

$8.49 buy now!

Burpee Sugar Snap Pea Seeds 300 seeds :

Delicious, fleshy, 3" round Pods are great to eat whole when fully grown. Garden hints: provide strong support for 6' vines. For earliest sowing, prepare rows in fall to avoid working cool, wet, spring soil. Sow 2 or 3 times, 7-10 days apart, to extend harvest. To save space, sow in double rows 3" apart with 2.5-3' of space between double rows.
  • The original snap Pea; an all-american selections winner. Delicious, fleshy, 3" Round pods are great to eat whole when fully grown.
  • Each packet contains 300 seeds
  • Sow outdoors in early spring after the average last frost date and harvest in 70 days.
  • Plant Height is 48". plant spread is 8". yields 3" pods.
  • Annual for all growing zones from 1-11. Sunlight exposure = full-sun.
  • Find over 1000 Burpee vegetable, herb, and flower seeds on Amazon
  • Get your seeds off to a great start with a Burpee Seed Starting Kit
  • Burpee, the gardener's best friend since 1876. Beautiful plants and everything else you need to grow the garden of your dreams from America's most trusted seed company. No GMOs, ever.

Burpee Sugar Snap Pea Seeds 300 seeds best price $8.49 new 2019

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