Black eyed Peas Seeds - (200 Seeds) Non-GMO, ancient Heirloom,Organic vegetable, best price $2.95 new 2019

Black eyed Peas Seeds - (200 Seeds) Non-GMO, ancient Heirloom,Organic vegetable Photo, best price $2.95 new 2019

Black eyed Peas Seeds - (200 Seeds) Non-GMO, ancient Heirloom,Organic vegetable Photo

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Black eyed Peas Seeds - (200 Seeds) Non-GMO, ancient Heirloom,Organic vegetable :

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Black eyed Pea non-GMO ancient Heirloom 150 Organic vegetable seeds Peas Seed (Black eyed Pea non-GMO ancient Heirloom) 150 Organic vegetable seeds Black Eyed Peas are one of the most widely grown food crops in the World. Grown on every continent (except Antarctica), and used in so many different cuisines it is impossible to list them. Believed to be a good luck crop that originated in west Africa, they are eaten as traditional new years fare for good luck in several different cultures, and are mentioned in writing for just this purpose as long ago as 200 BC! Great tasting and easy to grow nitrogen fixing plants mature in 60 days, and continue right up to frost. Most are familiar with them as a dried product, and they are good that way but you should try some that have been shelled fresh to really find out how great they can be! 150 seeds per pack. Black-Eyed Peas Black-eyed peas are actually a small, almost white bean with a black spot along their side. Originally brought to the United States by slave traders, this bean has been a popular food in the Southern US for hundreds of years. These beans, sometimes referred to as cowpeas, are also popular in Africa in different fermented dishes. In India they are often eaten like lentils.Thin skinned black-eyed peas cook up in only 30 to 60 minutes and require no presoaking. Traditionally served with rice or corn bread, they remain a popular Southern cuisine. On New Year's Day in the South there's a tradition of black-eyed peas being made into Hoppin' John which has the reputation of bringing good luck. Black-eyed peas cooked with onion, garlic and tomato sauce make a delicious dish. This pea plant is high yielding, vigorous and easy to grow. You can use these as green shell peas or dry like winter beans. Black-eyed peas are a favorite in our family in soups, dips and stir-fry. Black-eyed peas are actually a small, almost white b

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Black eyed Peas Seeds - (200 Seeds) Non-GMO, ancient Heirloom,Organic vegetable best price $2.95 new 2019

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