Devil's Tongue Hot Pepper 10+ Seeds, best price $3.85, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Devil's Tongue Hot Pepper 10+ Seeds, best price $3.85 new 2018

Devil's Tongue Hot Pepper 10+ Seeds Photo, best price $3.85 new 2018

Devil's Tongue Hot Pepper 10+ Seeds Photo

$3.85 buy now!

Devil's Tongue Hot Pepper 10+ Seeds :

BEWARE OF OTHER COMPANIES ESPECIALLY ONE NAMED "SEEDS DIRECT" THEY ARE COPYING MY LISTINGS ON AMAZON PRETENDING TO BE ME. IF IT DOES NOT SAY "SHIPPED AND SOLD BY CALIFORNIA SEED AND GARDEN COMPANY" IT IS NOT ME. MANY OF THE SEED VARIETIES I SELL NOBODY ELSE HAS. SO YOU WILL FIND OUT THE HARD WAY WHEN YOUR PLANTS DON'T GROW OUT TO WHAT WAS ADVERTISED!! MY NAME IS JIM DUFFY AND I AM THE OWNER OF REFINING FIRE CHILES. NOBODY SELLS MY SEEDS EXCEPT ME! Devil's Tongue-(Capsicum chinense)-The Devil's Tongue is a chile developed by an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania during the 1990's. Similar to size, color and shape of Fatalii. But skin is smoother and chile is smaller. It has a higher heat level than Fatalii and more sweet fruity flavor while Fatalii is more citrus. Pods mature from green to bright yellow. Plant is an abundant producer.
  • Hotter that the Fatalii over 400,000 Scoville Units of Heat
  • Has a great sweet Citrus Flavor
  • Buy from a Certified California Nursery
  • Registered CA. Seed Seller
  • Only California Seed & Garden Company is authorized to sell seeds from Refining Fire Chiles!

Devil's Tongue Hot Pepper 10+ Seeds best price $3.85 new 2018

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