Challenge Super Hot Carolina Reaper Plant Kit, best price $8.65, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Challenge Super Hot Carolina Reaper Plant Kit, best price $8.65 new 2018

Challenge Super Hot Carolina Reaper Plant Kit Photo, best price $8.65 new 2018

Challenge Super Hot Carolina Reaper Plant Kit Photo

$8.65 buy now!

Challenge Super Hot Carolina Reaper Plant Kit :

Our easy and convenient hot peppers in a can will always be a big hit for the hot pepper lover and can be grown all year around! Pick from our assortment of different Magic Plant Hot Peppers that will add zest, a dash of color, and a sense of magical flavor to any culinary delight you choose. Each Magic Plant Hot Pepper container includes seeds, which are pre-planted in a special mineral soil. "Give a gift they'll remember, a Magic Plant Hot Pepper!"
  • all in one growing can
  • contains special soil, seeds and instructions
  • Just add water and keep in the light

Challenge Super Hot Carolina Reaper Plant Kit best price $8.65 new 2018

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