Ancho Gigantea Poblano (Capsicum Annuum) 50 Heirloom Seeds, best price $1.93 new 2019

Ancho Gigantea Poblano (Capsicum Annuum) 50 Heirloom Seeds Photo, best price $1.93 new 2019

Ancho Gigantea Poblano (Capsicum Annuum) 50 Heirloom Seeds Photo

$1.93 buy now!

Ancho Gigantea Poblano (Capsicum Annuum) 50 Heirloom Seeds :

  • ANCHO GIGANTEA POBLANO (Capsicum annuum) 50 seeds Organic Heirloom , fresh and ready for planting! This Chile Pepper is mildly hot and is used for chiles rellenos and mole sauces. The Poblano is one of the most popular chilies in Mexico. The green .
  • is stuffed with cheese or meat for chilies rellenos and the dark, reddish-brown dried Ancho is used in a variety of sauces such as the traditional "mole pablano". Harvest when 3.5 inches long and 2 inches wide and when the peppers are a dark green.
  • ANCHO GIGANTEA POBLANO (Capsicum annuum) is the traditional Mexican variety used for stuffing when green (poblano) and sauces when red and dried (ancho). The fruits are almost black
  • they are so dark green and grow to 3" x 4". Rich flavor without too much heat - sweet with a slight bite, that's why I categorized under sweet rather than spicy. But be aware, the heat comes if you experience a hot dry spell and especially
  • toward the end of the season. So pick, cook and freeze early in the season for the mildest. If you love chili rellenos, this is the pepper for you! 90 days

Ancho Gigantea Poblano (Capsicum Annuum) 50 Heirloom Seeds best price $1.93 new 2019

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