Park Seed Sweet Pickle Organic Pepper Seeds, best price $4.25, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Park Seed Sweet Pickle Organic Pepper Seeds, best price $4.25 new 2018

Park Seed Sweet Pickle Organic Pepper Seeds Photo, best price $4.25 new 2018

Park Seed Sweet Pickle Organic Pepper Seeds Photo

$4.25 buy now!

Park Seed Sweet Pickle Organic Pepper Seeds :

The perfect pickling pepper, Sweet Pickle looks as good as it tastes with colorful "Christmas tree light" fruits of yellow, orange, red, and even purple! Now available as Certified Organic seed, this little pepper is so charming that you should plant an extra bush or two in containers just for the eye candy!These peppers are about 2 inches long, tapering to a blunt end. Thick-walled and very sweet, they hold up beautifully on the plant, and keep their color, shape, and texture nicely when pickled. So appealing as they ripen into warm shades in the sunny garden!Easy to grow and very heavy-yielding, Sweet Pickle plants reach 12 to 15 inches high and wide -- perfect for containers or a low edging around the veggie garden! Or dot them among your sun-loving flowering annuals -- they'll keep some pests at bay, and they look terrific! Pkt is 25 seeds.
  • Seeds Per Pack - 25
  • Christmas Tree colored peppers!
  • The Perfect Edible Ornamental!
  • Great pickled or fresh
  • Ideal for containers

Park Seed Sweet Pickle Organic Pepper Seeds best price $4.25 new 2018

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