Small Sugar Pumpkin Seeds- 25 Seeds, best price $5.99, bestseller 2019 - Photo, ,

Small Sugar Pumpkin Seeds- 25 Seeds, best price $5.99 new 2019

Small Sugar Pumpkin Seeds- 25 Seeds Photo, best price $5.99 new 2019

Small Sugar Pumpkin Seeds- 25 Seeds Photo

$5.99 buy now!

Small Sugar Pumpkin Seeds- 25 Seeds :

Small sugar pumpkins are a top choice for pie-making. This pumpkin has been around for more than 100 years. They grow to about 10" in diameter. They love growing in full sun and are great for all hardiness zones. What better way to start the holiday season than having your own home-grown pumpkins?
  • 30 Seeds Per Packet
  • 98 % Germination Rate
  • Little Maintenance
  • Excellent Pumpkins for Pie-Making
  • Instructions Included

Small Sugar Pumpkin Seeds- 25 Seeds best price $5.99 new 2019

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