Queensland Blue Squash Seeds(10 - Seeds), best price $2.99, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Queensland Blue Squash Seeds(10 - Seeds), best price $2.99 new 2018

Queensland Blue Squash Seeds(10 - Seeds) Photo, best price $2.99 new 2018

Queensland Blue Squash Seeds(10 - Seeds) Photo

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Queensland Blue Squash Seeds(10 - Seeds) :

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Queensland Blue Squash SeedsThe fruits mature to a beautiful bluish, grey-green color and although they can reach twenty pounds in weight, typically average in the ten to twelve pound range. Most of the fruits are a rounded, turban shape with thick skin, deep ribbing, and sweet orange flesh that is wonderful for baking, soups, pies, cakes and muffins.The flesh of Queensland Blue is golden and very sweet, with a flavor that lasts for months in storage. Queensland Blue pumpkin seeds are an old Australian HEIRLOOM that came to America in 1932. It has all the keeping power of a Hubbard squash. Let the fruits mature fully on the vine until the foliage begins to die back.The vines are vigorous, six to eight feet long, and need a lot of room to spread out. Plant in hills, two to three feet apart in rows spaced four feet apart. They require full sun and need moderate watering.This Australian heirloom was first introduced into the United States in 1932. Plant produces good yields of large 8 - 20 lb blue squash. The squash is flattened and ribbed. Very flavorful. Stores well. Excellent choice for home gardens and specialty market growers. A heirloom variety. A winter squash variety. A gorgeous Australian heirloom squash (Cucurbita maxima) with a round ridged shape and, blue grey skin.

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Queensland Blue Squash Seeds(10 - Seeds) best price $2.99 new 2018

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