Young radish seeds. Korea 1pack, best price $7.99, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Young radish seeds. Korea 1pack, best price $7.99 new 2018

Young radish seeds. Korea 1pack Photo, best price $7.99 new 2018

Young radish seeds. Korea 1pack Photo

$7.99 buy now!

Young radish seeds. Korea 1pack :

It can be harvested between 40 and 50 days after sowing and is easy to cultivate. It is strong against virus, nosocomial disease.
  • Imported from Korea
  • Thrives in warm weather
  • Delicious altari
  • Suitable for Young radish kimchi
  • Keep packet in a shaded cool area

Young radish seeds. Korea 1pack best price $7.99 new 2018

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