Outsidepride Daikon Radish Cover Crop Seed - 5 lbs, best price $19.99 new 2020

Outsidepride Daikon Radish Cover Crop Seed - 5 lbs Photo, best price $19.99 new 2020

Outsidepride Daikon Radish Cover Crop Seed - 5 lbs Photo

$19.99 buy now!

Outsidepride Daikon Radish Cover Crop Seed - 5 lbs :

Fracking Daikon Radish is a deep rooted forage radish that will make an outstanding winter cover crop. The deep taproot of the Daikon Radish can help break up the tough, compacted soil, improve water infiltration, suppresses weeds, eliminate pests and stores nitrogen. Daikon Radish's benefits will be optimized if planted in late summer.
  • Outsidepride is a family owned U.S. Company. No other company on this listing is selling our daikon radish seed.
  • Daikon radish greatly reduces soil compaction be aerating the soil
  • Planting radish seed increases water infiltration
  • Planting a dense crop of daikon radish helps suppress weeds and other foreign plants
  • Sow Daikon radish seed at 8 - 10 lbs per acre

Outsidepride Daikon Radish Cover Crop Seed - 5 lbs best price $19.99 new 2020

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