8LB RTU Casoron Granule, best price $37.69 new 2020

8LB RTU Casoron Granule Photo, best price $37.69 new 2020

8LB RTU Casoron Granule Photo

$37.69 buy now!

8LB RTU Casoron Granule :

Kills weeds and grasses roots and all.

  • For use around roses and listed shrubs and trees.
  • Prevents regrowth for up to one year.
  • Size8 POUND


    BCI - 000385

    • Size: 8 lbs
    • Ready to use
    • One application for all seasons
    • Prevents 52 weeds and grasses around established trees, and shrubs
    • Ideal for use: Around roses and listed shrubs and trees

    8LB RTU Casoron Granule best price $37.69 new 2020

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