Homegrown Strawberry Seeds, 225, Organic Ruby Ann, best price $5.02 new 2019

Homegrown Strawberry Seeds, 225, Organic Ruby Ann Photo, best price $5.02 new 2019

Homegrown Strawberry Seeds, 225, Organic Ruby Ann Photo

$5.02 buy now!

Homegrown Strawberry Seeds, 225, Organic Ruby Ann :

  • Hardy, Self Fertile - Perfect for hanging baskets!
  • Homegrown Seeds Packet contains 225 seeds
  • Plentiful deliciously sweet, ruby-red fruits; ornamental beauty; an early commotion of large, showy, deep-red flowers-and, of course, an outsize berry harvest.
  • Ever-bearing, trailing runners.
  • An outside berry harvest in stunning hanging baskets.

Homegrown Strawberry Seeds, 225, Organic Ruby Ann best price $5.02 new 2019

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