Park Seed Waooh! Sunflower Seeds, best price $6.50, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Park Seed Waooh! Sunflower Seeds, best price $6.50 new 2018

Park Seed Waooh! Sunflower Seeds Photo, best price $6.50 new 2018

Park Seed Waooh! Sunflower Seeds Photo

$6.50 buy now!

Park Seed Waooh! Sunflower Seeds :

If you like well-branched, very free-flowering Sunflowers, 'Waooh!' is the one you've been looking for. Just 3 feet tall, it sets masses of big, cheery 4-inch blooms, beginning in midsummer (after many Sunflowers have already bloomed and gone) and continuing over a long season. Often the last Sunflower in the garden, it is a favorite for its super floriferousness and easy, no-staking habit.Ideal for cut flowers because the blooms are pollen free and the plants set so many flowers in such a compact space, 'Waooh!' is also irresistible in a large garden planting. The sunny faces are a rich black, surrounded by golden-yellow petals that keep their fresh look over a long period. If you are used to short-blooming older varieties, you're in for a big treat with 'Waooh!'Just 36 inches high, this plant never needs staking, yet is tall enough to make a big impression in the sunny border, beds, and other settings. It just may become your favorite! Pkt is 50 seeds.
  • Seeds Per Pack - 50

Park Seed Waooh! Sunflower Seeds best price $6.50 new 2018

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