Park Seed Large Flowered Mix Sunflower Seeds, best price $5.95, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Park Seed Large Flowered Mix Sunflower Seeds, best price $5.95 new 2018

Park Seed Large Flowered Mix Sunflower Seeds Photo, best price $5.95 new 2018

Park Seed Large Flowered Mix Sunflower Seeds Photo

$5.95 buy now!

Park Seed Large Flowered Mix Sunflower Seeds :

One of our personal favorites, this autumn-toned mix gives you all the rich shades of gold, red, and bronze you want, and the big blooms are magnificent for garden or cutting! 6 inches or more across, these blooms include bicolored and ringed varieties--no two are just alike! They appear on very vigorous 6- to 10-foot plants that make the perfect background for shorter plantings, or form a spectacular planting alongside outdoor structures!Sunflowers are the kings of the natural sunny summer garden, attracting butterflies and birds. They're wonderfully easy to grow--just direct-sow the large seeds after all danger of frost. Not picky about soil type, they need direct sun. Thin the plants to 2 to 4 feet apart so that they can show off their foliage a bit as they grow. Pkt is 50 seeds.
  • Seeds Per Pack - 50

Park Seed Large Flowered Mix Sunflower Seeds best price $5.95 new 2018

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