Japanese Sickle - JAPANESE SICKLE, best price $8.50, bestseller 2018 - Photo, ,

Japanese Sickle - JAPANESE SICKLE, best price $8.50 new 2018

Japanese Sickle - JAPANESE SICKLE Photo, best price $8.50 new 2018

Japanese Sickle - JAPANESE SICKLE Photo

$8.50 buy now!

Japanese Sickle - JAPANESE SICKLE :

Japanese Sickle - *Razor sharp, serrated 6-1/2" blade *7-1/2" wood handle Order Unit Each
  • Blade Length: 6-3/4in L
  • Overall Length: 13-1/4in L

Japanese Sickle - JAPANESE SICKLE best price $8.50 new 2018

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