burgundy spring

colorful gardens (monochrome gardens)

burgundy spring

Garden Flowers (burgundy, spring)

Antennaria, Cat's foot

Dutch Hyacinth

Himalayan Knotweed, Himalayan Fleece Flower

Water Avens, Bog Avens, Cure All


Oriental poppy

Bellis daisy, English Daisy, Lawn Daisy, Bruisewort

Christmas Rose, Lenten Rose

Marsh Orchid, Spotted Orchid



Crown Imperial Fritillaria

European Scopolia, Russian Belladonna

Trillium, Wakerobin, Tri Flower, Birthroot


Mouse Plant, Mousetail Plant

Five Leaf Akebia, Chocolate Vine

Flowering Shrubs and Trees (burgundy, spring)

Tree peony

Common Lilac, French Lilac

Apple ornamental

Grasses and Ferns (burgundy, spring)

Mosquito Plant, Mosquito Fern

Bugle, Bugleweed, Carpet Bugle

Heuchera, Coral flower, Coral Bells, Alumroot

Bloodleaf, Chicken Gizzard

Castor Bean, Caster Oil Plant, Mole Bean, Higuera Infernal

Coleus, Flame Nettle, Painted Nettle

Lady fern, Japanese painted fern

Red Orach, Mountain Spinach


Chinese fountain grass, Pennisetum

Beef steak Plant

Plantain, Rat's Tails, Travellers Foot, Waybread, Cuckoo's Bread


Rhubarb, Pieplant, Da Huang

Mitsu-ba, Japanese Honeywort, Japanese Parsley

Purple Fringed Loosestrife

Wood Sorrel, Whitsun Flower, Green Snob, Sleeping Beauty

Joseph’s coat, Fountain plant, Summer Poinsettia, Tampala, Chinese Spinach, Vegetable Amaranth, Een Choy

JovibarbaHouseleek, Hen-and-Chickens


Ornamental Shrubs and Trees (burgundy, spring)

Barberry, Japanese Barberry


Honey locust

Red-barked dogwood, Common Dogwood




Eastern Ninebark

Common Beech, European Beech

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