Photo Leafy Ornamentals Bloodleaf, Chicken Gizzard (Iresine)

Leafy Ornamentals Bloodleaf, Chicken Gizzard (Iresine)

Photo Bloodleaf, Chicken Gizzard (Iresine), click for zoom.

Photo Bloodleaf, Chicken Gizzard, red Leafy Ornamentals
Photo Bloodleaf, Chicken Gizzard, multicolor Leafy Ornamentals
Photo Bloodleaf, Chicken Gizzard, green Leafy Ornamentals
Photo Bloodleaf, Chicken Gizzard, burgundy,claret Leafy Ornamentals

Leafy Ornamentals Iresine, Bloodleaf, Chicken Gizzard description and care.

shelter in winterrequires storage room
lifetimeannual, perennial
soil typesandy loam soil, loamy soil
light needsfull sun
poisonous plantnot poisonous plant
cold hardiness zone9 (-7 to -1°c), 10 (-1 to +4°c)
frost resistancedoes not tolerate frost
plant typesleafy ornamentals
landscape usecontainer, mass planting, flowerbed, border, background
fern or grass height (cm)30-70 cm
foliage colourmulticolor, red, burgundy,claret, green
type of stemerect
soil acidityneutral soil
water needshigh
Latin nameIresine

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