Photo Leafy Ornamentals Double Columbine (Aquilegia-x-hybrida)

Leafy Ornamentals Double Columbine (Aquilegia-x-hybrida)

Photo Double Columbine (Aquilegia-x-hybrida), click for zoom.

Photo Double Columbine, yellow Leafy Ornamentals
Photo Double Columbine, multicolor Leafy Ornamentals

Leafy Ornamentals Aquilegia-x-hybrida, Double Columbine description and care.

shelter in wintershelter is not required
soil typesandy loam soil, loamy soil
light needssemi-shade, full sun
poisonous plantparts of plant are poisonous or toxic
cold hardiness zone3 (-40 to -34°c), 4 (-34 to -29°c), 5 (-29 to -23°c), 6 (-23 to -18°c), 7 (-18 to -12°c), 8 (-12 to -7°c)
frost resistancefrost resistance
plant typesleafy ornamentals
landscape usemass planting, flowerbed, border, specimen
fern or grass height (cm)30-70 cm
foliage colourmulticolor, yellow
type of stemerect
soil acidityneutral soil
water needsmoderate
Latin nameAquilegia-x-hybrida

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