colorful gardens (monochrome gardens)

Grasses and Ferns (silvery)

Heuchera, Coral flower, Coral Bells, Alumroot

Porcupine Grass

Silver Falls, Silver Dichondra, Silver Pony-foot, Kidneyweed

Feather Grass, Needle grass, Spear grass

Lady fern, Japanese painted fern

New Zealand Hair Sedge


Mugwort dwarf

Wormwood, Mugwort

Foxtail barley, Squirrel-Tail

Helichrysum, Curry Plant, Immortelle

New Zealand Brass Buttons

Lungwort, Jerusalem Cowslip, Jerusalem Sage, Spotted Dog, Soldiers and Sailors

Lamb's ears

Dusty Miller, Silver Ragwort

Lily-turf, Snake's beard, Black Dragon, Black Mondo Grass

Sea Purslane

Ornamental Shrubs and Trees (silvery)

Pendulous willow-leaved pear, Weeping silver pear

Colorado Blue Spruce


Sawara cypress, Sawara False Cypress, Boulevard Cypress, Blue Moss Cypress


Silver Buffaloberry

Common alder

Sea Buckthorn, Sea Berry


Douglas Fir, Oregon Pine, Red Fir, Yellow Fir, False Spruce

English yew, Canadian Yew, Ground Hemlock

Cottonwood, Poplar

Silver Buffalo Berry, , Foamberry Soapberry, Soopalollie, Canadian Buffaloberry

Sea Orache, Mediterranean Saltbush

Cushion Bush

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