Indoor Flowers Miltonia, herbaceous plant

Photo Miltonia, click for zoom.

Photo Miltonia, purple herbaceous plant
Photo Miltonia, pink herbaceous plant
Photo Miltonia, lilac herbaceous plant
Photo Miltonia, claret herbaceous plant
Photo Miltonia, red herbaceous plant
Photo Miltonia, white herbaceous plant
Photo Miltonia, orange herbaceous plant

Indoor Plants Miltonia description and care.

leaf formlinear
type of flowerherbaceous plant
air humiditymoist
frequency of wateringabundant
period of restno
type of stemspreading
fragrant flowerfragrance
light needsbright ambient light
poisonous plantnot poisonous plant
growing complexityfor the grower with some experience
location of plantbright room, east window
foliage colourgreen
flower colorclaret, lilac, purple, pink, orange, red, white
timing of floweringautumn, summer
plant height (cm)lower 30 cm

You can buy House Flowers Miltonia (herbaceous plant) in online stores (seed, seedlings).

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