Indoor Flowers Verbena (Verbena Hybrida), herbaceous plant

Photo Verbena (Verbena Hybrida), click for zoom.

Photo Verbena, white herbaceous plant
Photo Verbena, purple herbaceous plant
Photo Verbena, pink herbaceous plant
Photo Verbena, lilac herbaceous plant
Photo Verbena, claret herbaceous plant
Photo Verbena, orange herbaceous plant
Photo Verbena, dark blue herbaceous plant
dark blue

Indoor Plants Verbena Hybrida, Verbena description and care.

leaf formoval
type of flowerherbaceous plant
air humiditymoist
frequency of wateringmoderate
period of restyes
type of stemspreading
fragrant flowerfragrance
light needsbright ambient light, full sun
poisonous plantnot poisonous plant
growing complexityundemanding
location of planteast window, western window
foliage colourgreen
flower colorclaret, dark blue, lilac, purple, pink, orange, white
timing of floweringautumn, summer
plant height (cm)lower 30 cm
Latin nameVerbena Hybrida

You can buy House Flowers Verbena (herbaceous plant) in online stores (seed, seedlings).

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